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Welcome to the Applicet Framework Home.

newsince 18/oct/2006.
New minor release 2.03: Memory leak resolved
newsince 4/aug/2004.
New major release 2.02: Swing version of the Applicet Framework
newsince 14/feb/2000.
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What is the Applicet Framework

The Applicet Framework for Applets and Applications gives full support for running applets as applications, just by by replacing java.applet.Applet as superclass with be.arci.applet.Applicet. Now your applets can run with full functionality as applications. Or vice-versa, you can let potential customers first try out applications on your website, as applet.

"But I can do this myself!"

It is popular belief that all you have to do to run an applet as application is to add a main() method calling init() and start() on your applet instance. But why then are there so few applets that run as an application as well? The answer is simple: while the simple main() method might be enough for very basic applets, it is not at all the case for most (if not all) usefull applets. About anything an applet needs (apart from it's own canvas to draw on), it'll have to ask for from it's AppletStub and it's AppletContext. For that is what Applet's methods do.

You need the Applicet Framework

The Applicet Framework gives Applicet applications the necessary implementations of the java.applet.AppletStub and java.applet.AppletContext interfaces that are needed to run an applet as application without changing any code, and without having to branch on switches you maintain to distinguish between both execution environments.

Additional benefits

In addition, using the Applicet Framework gives you a set of convenience methods every Applet programmer needs. It also still allows you to display HTML pages when needed. Further the Applicet Framework gives uniform support across application environments for retrieving resources as Image, AudioClip, URL or Inputstream. You can use all packaging options with Web browsers like MS IExplorer and Netscape Communicator, like all jarred, all unjarred, or mixed to have volatile resources unjarred. And last but not least, the Applicet Framework makes internationalization of your applet/application trivial.

Easy beyond all imagination!

In this and other documents we'll say 'Applicet applet' or 'Applicet application' whenever there is a difference between running as an applet and running as an application. But really it is the same Applicet program. You don't ever have to test what environment you are running in, unless when you want to reserve some of your functionallity to either the applet or the application environment. Upgrading an existing applet to use the Applicet Framework can be as simple as changing the extends clause to subclass from Applicet and implement a single-line main() method that calls runAsApplication(). Applet behaviour will be completely unchanged by this, though you could profit from Applicet convenience methods that make applet programming so much smoother.

How much will the Applicet Framework cost me?

Most of you will have to pay nothing (Niente! Nada! Nichts! Nullo! Rien de knots! Nil! Nougabollen!), as we have free licenses for developers, private users and evaluators. You find more details in the license options summary and on the download page

Information at this site

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Download the Evaluation Version of the Applicet Framework, or purchase the Production Version.
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How the Applicet Framework came into existence, and the revision history.

Special thanks to the guys at Javasoft, who are helping us to make this world virtually better.

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