Click on any free MoReversi cell to take over from one of the computer players.

Download full MoReversi.jar.
We packed the .jar file together with some icon files into a .zip file for downloading. Extract the .jar again before use.

In Java 2 you can doubleclick the jar to start the application, or run as

   java -jar MoReversi.jar -?

to see the commandline options. In earlier versions you should add the .jar file to your classpath, or enter

   java -classpath MoReversi.jar MoReversi -?

to see the commandline options.

To try another than your default locale, try e.g.

   java -Duser.language=fr -jar MoReversi.jar

Rules of the game

  • Each player in turn can make a move. Moves are made by clicking on a free cell, placing a new stone of the player's colour in that cell.
  • If a new stone encloses one or more contiguous rows of the opponent's stones between two stones of the player, all these enclosed stones are turned into the player's colour. These rows may be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
  • Valid moves thus change the colour of at least one opponent stone.
  • When it is no longer possible for either player to make a valid move, the game is over. Stones are counted and the player with the most stones wins.
Currently available locales: (Shift-Click to download)

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