Download full SmashWindows.jar, including sourcecode.
We packed the .jar file together with some icon files into a .zip file for downloading. Extract the .jar again before use.

In Java 2 you can doubleclick the jar to start the application, or run as

   java -jar SmashWindows.jar -?

to see the commandline options. In earlier versions you should add the .jar file to your classpath, or enter

   java -classpath SmashWindows.jar SmashWindows -?

to see the commandline options.

To try another than your default locale, try e.g.

   java -Duser.language=fr -jar SmashWindows.jar

Rules of the game

  • Click on the moving window to break it.
Currently available locales: (Shift-Click to download)

Default english in

Nederlands (dutch) in

Français (french) in

Deutsch (german) in

Please mail me your translations or corrections: