Applicet Framework for Applets and Applications v2.03
Class ExecBrowser

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public class ExecBrowser
extends java.lang.Object
implements Browser

Implementation of Browser that delegates to the guest environment through a configurable command line. The command lines are retrieved from the file be/arci/pub/ throuhg Applicet's getI18NSet function. Properties are named as the Operating System, and their value is the command to run, with {0} to be replaced by the URL of the document, and {1} by the target window (formatting done by java.text.MessageFormat)

As an example, the might contain the following lines:

    #we currently do not know how to pass target to netscape
    Solaris=netscape -remote openURL({0})
    SunOS=netscape -remote openURL({0})
    Windows=start {0}

We supply this Browser implementation as a free service to all Applicet users. You are allowed to modify this source code, provided you move the class out of the be.arci package hierarchy.

Currently the sTarget argument is ignored.

See Also:
I18NDelegate.getI18NSet(Class execbrowser), Netscape commandline options, "be/arci/pub/"

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void showDocument(Framework application, urlDocument, java.lang.String sTarget)
          Shows the document at the given URL in the Browser window or HTML frame indicated by sTarget.
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Constructor Detail


public ExecBrowser()
Method Detail


public void showDocument(Framework application,
                         java.lang.String sTarget)
Description copied from interface: Browser
Shows the document at the given URL in the Browser window or HTML frame indicated by sTarget. This code is called by an Applicet application's getAppletContext().showDocument(URL url), with sTarget = "_top" supplied as default, and by getAppletContext().showDocument(URL url, String sTarget). The sTarget argument is interpreted as follows:

"_self" Not applicable when running as application; acts the same as _top.
"_parent"Not applicable when running as application; acts the same as _top.
"_top" Show in the top-level frame of the current Browser window.
"_blank" Show in a new, unnamed top-level window.
name Show in the frame or window named name. If a target named name does not already exist, a new top-level window with the specified name is created, and the document is shown there.
Implementers may simply ignore the complete showDocument request (as per the java.applet.Applet.AppletContext specs!) or the sTarget argument.

Specified by:
showDocument in interface Browser
Following copied from interface: be.arci.applet.Browser
application - the Applicet application on behalf of which the document must be shown
urlDocument - the absolute url of the requested document (note: implementers may prefer to handle relative url's as well)
sTarget - name indicating where to display the document.
See Also:
Applicet.Context.showDocument, Viewing HTML documents

Applicet Framework for Applets and Applications v2.03