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Aandacht c.v. welcomes you to a site of professional products for professional users

True, you will find freeware and shareware products that do basically the same as ours. But we offer the well thought-out extra functionallity, the flexibility in options, the unsurpassed speed and the careful testing that make our products deserve the PROFESSIONAL label. And we have attractive licensing options that enable even professional users to start working with our products for free right away, and pay later if they are successfull.

ArciMath BigDecimal

ArciMath BigDecimal is a fast and improved BigDecimal class, downward compatible with java.math.BigDecimal, and based on IBM's Java Specification Request for extending the current java.math.BigDecimal. Also starring is BigDecimalFormat, probably the best number formatting class there is.


Lightweight HTML Scanner

The Lightweight HTML Scanner is a set of fast Java classes to scan or parse HTML documents. It provides applets and applications with an easy-to-handle list of the syntax elements of the HTML document. Both HTML tags and content text can be extracted for handling the way you need to.

Cramfull Compiled Resources library

The Cramfull Compiled Resources library compiles your application's resources and serializable Objects right into a standard Java class-file. This gives you universal and infallible access to your resource, regardless of the execution environment and packaging and distribution format.

Applicet Framework for Applets and Applications

The Applicet Framework for Applets and Applications gives full support for running applets as applications, just by by replacing java.applet.Applet or javax.swing.JApplet as superclass with be.arci.applet.Applicet or be.arci.applet.JApplicet respectively. Now your applets can run with full functionality as applications. Or vice-versa, you can let potential customers first try out applications on your website, as applet.