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Welcome to the Cramfull Compiled Resources library.

newsince 09/aug/2001.
Public release version 2.01 (with free evaluation download)

What is the Cramfull Compiled Resources library?

The Cramfull Compiled Resources library compiles your application's resources and serializable Objects right into a standard Java class-file. This gives you universal and infallible access to your resource, regardless of the execution environment and packaging and distribution format.


The Cramfull Compiled Resources library enables you to distribute resources for Java applications in compiled form, as Java classes that are subclasses of java.util.ResourceBundle. The benefits of the Cramfull approach are:

Our Cramfull classes rigorously follow the Java class-file format standard, without adding any attributes or special flavours. And what with all these different runtime environments? If there is anything they can load, it will be the Java classes. So with Cramfull classes you play on the safe side.
Distribution comfort
More than 10.000 resources of any kind can be packaged into one Cramfull class-file. You can easily administer the resources to be compiled into multiple Cramfull classes through a single text-format command file.
Download speed
Bundling many small resources into a single standard Java class-file has the same download speed advantages as bundling them into a .zip or .jar file, but without the worries for lacking support in older or ill-featured Java Virtual Machines (JVM). Uploading many resources to a website is obsolete: only a single class-file is needed, probably packaged with the other classes of the application.
Synchronous availability
Once the Cramfull class is loaded by the JVM, all resources in it are available synchronously. You can even overcome the very short decoding delay by using the caching capabilities of the Cramfull class. Here comes smooth animation and immediate sound feedback, without writing extra code to preload resources. You can also forget about image strips and their pixel measurements.
Any type of resource
The Cramfull Compiled Resources library stores any type of resource that can be expressed in bytes. The default resource compiler supports all file-based resources; this includes Java Objects that are serialized to file in advance. An extended resource compiler example also shows how to serialize Objects directly to a Cramfull class.
Internationalization (I18N) support
The Cramfull Compiled Resources library now makes it very easy (only 1 Java statement!) to load default resources of any kind to supplement resources per language and/or country. Think of recorded speech sound files, or images containing text, in the appropriate language. Or flags and other national symbols. Even advanced uses like tayloring your application's properties according to different national rules or regulations are now trivial. Without the Cramfull Compiled Resources library, you would have to do circumstantial coding and keep track of directory trees per locale when distributing your application.

The Cramfull Compiled Resources library is compiled with Java 2, but has been thoroughly tested with Java 1.1.8 and webbrowsers using even earlier Java versions.

How much will the Cramfull Compiled Resources library cost me?

Most of you will have to pay nothing (Niente! Nada! Nichts! Nullo! Rien de knots! Nil! Nougabollen!), as we have free licenses for developers, private users and evaluators. You find more details in the license options summary and on the download page

Information at this site

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License Options
A short overview of the different licensing options.
Download / Purchase
Download the Evaluation Version of the Cramfull Compiled Resources library, or purchase the Production Version.
Installation instructions
How do you extract and install the Cramfull Compiled Resources software.
How the Cramfull Compiled Resources library came into existence, and the revision history.

Special thanks to the guys at Javasoft, who are helping us to make this world virtually better.

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