Cramfull Compiled Resources v2.00

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be.arci.cramfull The Cramfull Compiled Resources library enables to distribute resources for Java applications in compiled form, with internationalization support. Supplies some example implementations and utilities for the Cramfull Compiled Resources library, together with their source code.  

Uses of CompilerEntry in be.arci.cramfull

Methods in be.arci.cramfull with parameters of type CompilerEntry
 void ClassCompiler.addResource(CompilerEntry ce)
          Encodes a resource defined by a CompilerEntry object into the Cramfull subclass.

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Methods in with parameters of type CompilerEntry
protected  void ResourceCompiler.addResource(CompilerEntry ce)
          Adds a CompilerEntry to compile, checking for duplicates on canonical file name

Cramfull Compiled Resources v2.00