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How to obtain the Lightweight HTML Scanner


We make two versions of the Lightweight HTML Scanner available. The Production Version should be what all professional users work with. We grant free licenses to the Evaluation Version of the Lightweight HTML Scanner for private users, for software development, for software ('shareware' type) distribution sites, and for a free 30-day evaluation period for professional users, under the conditions described in the License Agreement.

The Evaluation Version of the Lightweight HTML Scanner is fully functional, has no time limits or other similar restrictions, and is fully compatible with the Production Version. It only works slower, and the class files are a bit larger. Also your use of the Evaluation Version is restricted by the license agreement, that you have to accept before using the Lightweight HTML Scanner.

Software developed under the free Lightweight HTML Scanner Development License can be freely distributed, with some restrictions, with the Evaluation Version of the Lightweight HTML Scanner, granting the end-user a free 30-day evaluation period. This way shareware developers don't have to invest money if they want to use the Lightweight HTML Scanner. If you cannot live with the evaluation version restrictions, or if you prefer to distribute your software with the Production Version of the Lightweight HTML Scanner, so that your users don't have to pay us a fee, you can purchase a Redistribution License. We also have Single User and Concurrent User Licenses. Read the License Agreement or the License Options summary for more details on the different license types.

Purchase Production Version

You can purchase and download the Production Version of the Lightweight HTML Scanner online through a secure site, that provides credit card handling. Wire transfers and Eurocheque are accepted as well. Our clearance office also handles purchase orders from companies, if you send them a signed order by fax. Payment terms are 30 days net. Companies will be invoiced by our clearance office.

Current license fees are (EU residents should add 21% VAT):
Single User License25.00 Euro
Concurrent User License40.00 Euro
Redistribution License400.00 Euro
US Dollars are accepted as well.
(The US $ is approximately 1 Euro)
We can send out a diskette if you add 10.00 Euro handling cost.

If you would like to purchase a license to the Lightweight HTML Scanner now, you can do that online on the secure Internet website. Alternatively, you can go to and enter the program number: 145434.
Attention: the Download button there will bring you back to this site for downloading the Evaluation Version; you should push the Order or Register button instead.

If you do not have access to the Internet, or do not trust even a secure site with your credit card number, you can purchase via fax or postal mail. Please print the order form, fill it out and fax or mail it to:

Rest of the worldUSA only
element 5 AG
Vogelsanger Str. 78

50823 Koeln
ShareIt! Inc.
Suite 1800
Chapel Hill Professional Center
GREENSBURG, PA 15601-8019
Tel. +49-221-31088-20
Fax. +49-221-31088-29
Tel. 724-853-6618
Fax. 724-850-8187

US customers may also order by calling 1-800-903-4152 (orders only please!).

Download Evaluation Version

The Evaluation Version can be downloaded here, after reading and accepting the License Agreement. You have to read this License Agreement carefully for the following reasons:
  1. It is a legal agreement between you and us.
  2. Depending on your legal status and your use of the Lightweight HTML Scanner, you may be eligible to continue using the Evaluation Version for free after the usual 30 day evaluation period.
  3. You can only download the Evaluation Version after accepting the License Agreement

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