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Installing the Lightweight HTML Scanner

  1. Extracting the files

    The Lightweight HTML Scanner is distributed in a .zip-file. The software (.jar-files) itself is password protected. You obtain the password only after you accept the License Agreement that is included in the distribution package, not through the online version of the License Agreement!

    Use your favorite .zip utility to extract all files, preserving the directory structure contained in the .zip-file, read and accept the License Agreement on your local computer system, and then you get the password to extract the appropriate .jar-file. The .jar files are in a password-protected file

    Once again, the password is NOT online. The password is in the download only. Once downloaded, you should unzip all files, read and accept the License Agreement (license.htm) that is contained in the download (it is the same agreement as the one you may just have read online, but the <ACCEPT> button action is different). When you press (click on) the <ACCEPT> button, you will be presented the password to unpack the .jar files.

    The reason for this procedure is simple. While our official distribution site enforces acceptance of the License Agreement before downloading, other distribution sites do not. Therefor we ask you to accept the downloaded License Agreement before giving you the password.

  2. End user installation

    If you are an end user of a software that is distributed with the Evaluation Version of the Lightweight HTML Scanner, the author should have included instructions on how to replace that with the Production Version, after your free 30-day evaluation period is finished. If he has not, you should point out to him that he has breached his license agreement with us by not including these instructions.

  3. Java programmer installation

    If you are a Java programmer, you should know how to make the appropriate .jar-file available in your classpath. The Lightweight HTML Scanner overview contains Quick Start instructions. This document also tells you which classes of the Lightweight HTML Scanner must be included when distributing your application. To get more out of the Lightweight HTML Scanner later you may want to read the complete API documentation.

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