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Welcome to our thoroughly renewed ArciMath BigDecimal home.

newsince 18/apr/2002.
New Version 2.05. with copy constructor and optional strict number parsing (See also the Revision History.)
newsince 14/apr/2001.
New benchmark for JDK1.3's new BigDecimal/BigInteger implementation, also featuring a run of JDK1.3's BigDecimal in a JDK1.1 virtual machine.
newsince 24/feb/2000.
New ArciMath home. Update your links and bookmarks.

What is ArciMath BigDecimal

ArciMath BigDecimal is a fast and improved BigDecimal class, downward compatible with java.math.BigDecimal, and based on IBM's Java Specification Request for extending the current java.math.BigDecimal. ( or Upgrading to ArciMath BigDecimal is as simple as changing the import in the java files that use BigDecimal. Since version 2.02 ArciMath BigDecimal also includes the most powerfull number parsing and formatting, with the new be.arci.text.BigDecimalFormat class, that formats all Java primitive types as well as almost all java.lang.Number implementations, including java.math.BigDecimal, java.math.BigInteger, and com.TCE.math.TBigDecimal

ArciMath BigDecimal is at Java 2 (JDK1.2) level, but the distribution package includes a JDK1.1.x version as well.

How much will ArciMath BigDecimal cost me?

Most of you will have to pay nothing (Niente! Nada! Nichts! Nullo! Rien de knots! Nil! Nougabollen!), as we have free licenses for developers, private users and evaluators. You find more details in the license options summary and on the download page

Information at this site

BigDecimalFormat javadoc
ArciMath BigDecimal version 2.03 is greatly enriched with the BigDecimalFormat class (now final), an impressive implementation of java.text.Format that outshines java.text.DecimalFormat.
What is the difference between ArciMath BigDecimal and other large number libraries.
Compares ArciMath BigDecimal with the "competition" and with the Evaluation Version of ArciMath BigDecimal.
For full arithmetic specification we refer to IBM. The Javadoc's can be consulted online.
License Options
A short overview of the different licensing options.
Download / Purchase
Download the Evaluation Version of ArciMath BigDecimal, or purchase the Production Version.
Installation instructions
How do you extract and install the ArciMath BigDecimal software.
How ArciMath BigDecimal came into existence, and the revision history.
Special thanks to Mike Cowlishaw, IBM Fellow, for running his testcases on ArciMath BigDecimal and for discussing details of his BigDecimal specifications with me. (And also for putting me in the "Acknowledgements" section of his BigDecimal specifications).

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