I.C.M. Doctoral Fellowship Program

Intercollegiate Center for Management Science awards each year doctoral fellowships in Management Science. The award is granted annually for a period of three years. It involves a stay of one year in a foreign university.


Applications are welcome from scholars of all nationalities graduated from a Belgium University admitted to study for a doctorate and admitted to one of the Doctoral Schools in the field of Management Science. Applicants must have been graduated cum magna laude in their final year or at-least cum laude in one intermediate year.
See Documents section for more information.

Application Availability and Deadline

Completed application materials must be received in the CIM-ICM office on or before 1st of march. We regret that incomplete or late applications (those received after 1st of march, regardless of their postmark date or place of origin), cannot be accepted for consideration.


Applicants will be notified of the Center's decision by spring of the submission's year.

How To Apply

Application forms for Doctoral Fellowships are available by contacting the address below.


Addendum 2011
  • 2 books have been removed from the list for the written exam:
    • BESANKO D., DRANOVE D., SHANLEY M., “The Economics of Strategy”, John Wiley- & Sons, Inc., 1996 (ISBN 0-471-59849-6)
    • MINTZBERG, H., LAMPEL, J., AHLSTRAND, B., “Strategy Safari: A Guided Tour Through The Wilds of Strategic Management”, The Free Press, 1998 (ISBN 068-48474-34)
  • Laptop are now authorized !


Please address inquiries to:

Attn: Doctoral Fellowships
Françoise Charlez
TEL. : (02) 513 58 04

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